Monthly Archives: August 2015

Canvas, “the octopus CIA and Odhirath in the world

“Otpor” opposition movement in Serbia is famous as is that toppled Slobodan Milosevic President in 2000, where the movement has succeeded in its mission of US support and funding from the Zionist billionaire George Soros and then developed into a center for studies of non-violence has been renamed “Canvas” and here began this Institute to train activists and dissemination of ...

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US intelligence report made losses Arabia in Yemen

The Washington Post reported the US revealed that the Yemeni Army and People’s Committees of the movement Ansar Allah were able to achieve the achievements and victories field unexpected battles circle with Saudi forces in Saudi depth, the newspaper reported that the Government of the Al Saud deliberately hide all those facts in fear of a popular it a coup, ...

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Methods of recruitment Mossad Egyptian youth through Facebook

Because the Internet has removed the border and near distances between Altjennita work and victims, has become the process of obtaining information and recruitment through new and important technique in the world of modern espionage Recently, discovered everyone migration Egyptian youth from their real about virtual community (online and social networking sites Facebook and Twitter), which prompted the Israeli intelligence ...

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