Canvas, “the octopus CIA and Odhirath in the world

“Otpor” opposition movement in Serbia is famous as is that toppled Slobodan Milosevic President in 2000, where the movement has succeeded in its mission of US support and funding from the Zionist billionaire George Soros and then developed into a center for studies of non-violence has been renamed “Canvas” and here began this Institute to train activists and dissemination of Serbian experience to other countries hoping to export the revolution and especially to Georgia and Ukraine, Russia and Venezuela, where puts training materials at the institute Doctor of Political Science at Oxford, “Gene Sharp” University, who had been accused by the President of Venezuela late “Hugo Chavez” of being an agent of the intelligence US Central, and funded by billionaire Zionist Institute “Peter Ackerman”, which works in conjunction with the Zionist “George Soros” who funded organization «Freedom House» and «National Endowment for Democracy, NED» .. They work together in the financing of the so-called « open civil societies », the slogan« Canvas »is the motto« fist »which means« power in the hands of the people »that is, the same people judge for himself without leading authorities civilian or military, and today is the application of this technique for the invasion of the target by the power of their people countries against the pillars of the state systems without having to foreign intervention, The demand to drop the police and state security and military rule, the judiciary and state institutions gate to apply creative chaos theory and the elimination of the presence of sovereign institutions in the target countries, this works «Canvas» organization with networks in more than 50 other countries.

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