Turkey and dark tunnel

Turkey entered at the beginning of a dark tunnel of the vacuum after the election results which indicated that the ruling Justice and Development Party is no longer authorized to form a government on its own and will need to ally with one of the other three parties are contradictory in the political and ideological trends and they are: the left-wing Republican People’s Party, National Party and Democratic peoples Party .. where the alliance of the two parties any party or the Republican People’s National would affect negatively to the peace plan put forward by Ocalan and his party and the understanding with the ruling Justice and Development Party ..

In the case of the impossibility of the alliance with the mentioned parties to form a government the government will be forced to go to early elections within three months, and the results of the parliamentary elections has its implications and its repercussions on the Turkish General political scene and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) especiallylike win the taste of defeat, the taste of defeat witch Turks Taste by Democratic Peoples’ Party spoon to the ruling Justice and Development.

Justice and Development Party did not achieve even half plus one ratio which is adopted by governments to form a single since 2002 year. Today the party is facing, who promised the Turks with zero problems in his environment and steady growth economic, of the challenge of forming a coalition government with his opponents.

Differences of Justice and Development Party with his opponents is big. Internal and regional files differ around the peace process with the Kurds to relationship state with army through the traditions of Turkish democracy and its relationship to secularism and Turkey up to support armed groups that tamper with the security of neighboring Syria and the region.

 But it remains the most important question is whether the last Turkey’s policies of the ruling Justice and Development towards the interior Turkish and countries in the region will shed their impact on the attitudes and policies

and Options of future political team that will steer the Turkish policy in the next phase !! What is that implications and its impact on the region General, and Syria especially !!

Source: “Ugarit site for Political and Strategic Studies.”

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