Weapons which “Israel” required from Washington to facing with the Iranian nuclear deal ?

At a time when Israel attacked the agreement which has been reached between Iran and the group of countries (five plus one), she is preparing to request from Washington to increase military aid to maintain its military superiority in the region, including smart missiles and advanced aircraft, and advanced radar systems.

It seems that the historic agreement that was reached it will be an opportunity for Israel to take advantage of it despite attack it, according to the published by the Hebrew “wallieh,” site, through an increase US military aid not only in quantitative terms, but it will require and insist on high-quality weapons, and this is what American armies commander Martin Dempsey behold it when he visited Israel recently to a group of reporters .and site refers that, according to the Israeli interpretation that greement allow the continuation of the Iranian nuclear program, and this is what will change the strategic balance in the Middle East and therefore the Israeli military center estimates see that the United States is obliged to uphold the Israeli supremacy and thus strengthened militarily, and they are talking in Israel for qualitative and sophisticated military support private refueling aircraft in the air which is considered one of the most dangerous Israeli requests, as well as being talked about fighter aircraft “F 35” and “V-22” aircraft and smart missiles and sophisticated radars and support for system of missiles defense “Iron Dome, Magic Wand”, and financial support and budgets allow investment in research and development for a number of military projects including missiles “Hats- 3”, as well as support the production of tanks “Merkava” and personnel carriers, which are each manufactured some of it in the United States, In addition to increasing quantities of weapons and ammunition that will be required by Israel.

Israeli military sources estimate that the US administration will be in an awkward position and will not be able to reject such requests, particularly as it related to maintaining Israel’s military superiority in the region, but they are afraid of the Israeli army’s use of these advanced weapons to strike Iran, especially when they are provided it with refueling aircraft, and in case It was understanding on this issue and took guarantees Israel will receive these aircraft.

  • Source (Man Agency).

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