European Union is seeking to impose sanctions on Israeli banks

Israeli banking system was surprised dramatically regarding the pursuit of the European Union to impose sanctions on Israeli banks because of their investments and activities in the occupied settlements, Israeli media confirmed that there is no one Israeli bank has no activity in the settlements, and the risk of the European boycott of these banks raised panic led to a large drop in shares, especially those that have a significant activity in outside the country.

And the site of Israel’s economic “Globes”  newspaper transfer for a senior official in the banking system,its saying that the settlements for Europeans is Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan also, that this related to all banks.

There are levels of the boycott, the first of it is respect to boycott the products of the settlements and the boycott of part of the products which is made within the Green Line, which will cause losses amounting to almost 4.37 billion shekels.

The most dangerous level of the boycott is the cancel of trade agreement between Israel and the European Union and cessation of direct investments in Israel and touch with the Israeli exports to Europe increased by 100%.

In the case of the implementation of the boycott, the loss of the Israeli economy would be almost fatal, and its amount will exceed 80 billion shekels.

  • Source (Palestinian Press Agency)

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