Pentagon announces about Russian American military talks on Syria

US Department of Defense announced that the two ministers of defense of the United States and Russia held a telephone conversation and discussed the crisis in Syria and agreed to continue these talks in the future, a Pentagon spokesman, “Peter Cook said” The US secretary of defense, “Ashton Carter” and his Russian counterpart, “Sergei Shoigu” conducted a telephone call to discuss the situation in Syria.

A Pentagon spokesman added “that the two ministers discussed the areas in which the two US and Russian visions intersect and  the points of disagreement between the two countries and they agreed to conduct further discussions on the dialogue mechanisms between the two armies to avoid any occasional confrontations between them in Syria” in light of the campaign against Daash “.

Cook stressed that Carter “pointed out that the defeat of Daash organization and assurance of the political transition are the objectives which must be sought to be achieved at the same time.”

For his part, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, “Igor Konashenkov to” Russian news agencies said that the telephone call lasted for an hour and that the talks would continue, and pointed out that “the need of coordination of bilateral and multilateral efforts to fight the international terrorism was at the basis of the talks”.

He added  that the talks showed that both views are similar or identical on most of the issues which discussed.”

  • Source (( Safir newspaper ))

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