Chechen President disciplines young men seeking to fight in the ranks of the organization “Daash” in Syria

Chechen President “Ramdan Kadyrov,” published in his account on the site of mail “Instagram” videotape shows his own way for disciplining young people seeking to fight in the ranks of the organization “Daash” in Syria.

And Kadyrov  arranged a meeting between a group of youths, including promoters of radical thought, and others were caught before heading to Syria to fight there on the one hand, and between their parents and grandparents on the other hand, as the meeting was attended by clerics and representatives of the security forces.

And the young men stopped Servile ”  in a row opposite to their parents and grandparents and have lowered their heads, perhaps  aware the bigness of crime that they were going to commit, which is joining the ranks of the terrorists and the form of that horrible surprise to their family members, and their families.

And Kadyrov adopted this disciplinary method due to the established traditions in his republic which is dedicated respect for the older and  deal, and it turned out that all the young men who have fallen into the trap of the promoters of the ideology of “Daash” belonging to a respectable and devout families, and parents see in  the gag of their children disgrace to their honor and the honor of their families.

Kadyrov announced that he would not allow the people of the Republic who are currently fighting in the ranks of the terrorist organization to return to the territories of the country, but was prepared to tolerate those who are caught in the trap without realizing the danger dimensions, and because of the weakness of their religious, national and family feeling, and the Chechen president hopes that the families can restore  those perverses  to the right path.

Source (TV.RT).

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