United States would send fighter jets “Ghost” to Europe to face Russia

America continues to strengthen its military presence in Europe by announcing about its deployment the fighter jets “F-22 Raptor” hidden at the radar in Europe based on the fear of the countries of the region from alleged Russian ambitions.

A spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense, “Debra Lee James,” in a news conference: “We will deploy very soon fighters” F-22 Raptor “in Europe in response to requests from the field military leadership in the context of our initiative to support the Europeans.” “James” added that the pilots of these fighters will train with pilots from NATO countries, but she refused to disclose about the number of aircraft or the date and place of  their deployment.

The fighter “F-22″is super evolution plane. It is designed to carry out air operations against the enemy aircrafts. It is also a backstage  plane no monitor by radar and capable of destroying  the enemy aircrafts even before the latter can be monitored.

The Declaration affirms closely sending Washington to the most sophisticated fighter jets to Europe that it is pushing ahead with its steps to the militarization of the region and the escalation of tension with Russia which will  expose Europe to significant hazards such as fueling tensions and revive the past animosities with Russia.

In contrast, Moscow responded to this escalation by saying that it would respond to any threat affects its national security where Anatoly Antonov, Deputy of Russian Defense Minister said “we will respond appropriately and above all, we will be watching the actions that will be taken (by the United States and NATO), and we will respond firmly.

Source (( TV. RT ))                                           

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