Newspaper The Economist recognizes that the defeat of the Houthis in Yemen is almost impossible affair

The Economist» British journal found that the process carried out by the Houthis in the province of Marib against Gulf forces made the coalition escalates its campaign, «which means that Yemen slid to a long and extra-war for control». The magazine says that this escalation is reference to «try to revenge from the Houthis after the losses of coalition.

And it wonders «What does the alliance hope to achieve from this campaign, which entered its sixth month? », Noting that« it is not clear how much size of support did Iran grant for the Houthis, where the subject was the most important justifications for the campaign by the coalition.

The magazine stresses that « the crush  of Houthis is almost impossible And addresses  to the speech of the Gulf officials «about their preparation  to retrieval of Sanaa, and re-Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, president», to say that «Yemen has always been a difficult ground to foreign invaders and the whole Gulf armies lack the experience». And it explains that reference to the process of control of Eden «Since the introduction of ground troops in August, the coalition controlled on Aden in southern Yemen as it moves toward Taiz, but it rotates in Marib, and it is a gate to Sanaa, where additional troops gather backed by armored vehicles and rocket launchers ». Stressing that fighting «will increase difficulty because all of the remaining strongholds of the Houthis are mountain fortresses.

The report of  magazine says that  civilian casualties in the latest air escalation parallel  the military casualties, including homes, restaurants and main streets», quoting from the Chief  of  Medical Office Without Borders in Yemen, “Hassan Bousnina” as saying that since the Houthis attack in Marib « a coalition became acting insanely» .

  • Source (( Al-Akhbar newspaper ))                      

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