“Kommersant” newspaper says that the summit of collective security expressed its support for the Syrian leadership.

The newspaper “Kommersant” published an article entitled “collective security summit expresses about its support for President Assad,” it said summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organization ended in the capital of Tajikistan “Dushanbe” where the Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech arguing in it absentia with the West over policy practiced by Moscow in  the Syrian track.Putin said “If not Russia’s support for Syria, the situation deteriorated as it is in Libya and the number of refugees to Europe has increased many times,” Putin pointed to the risk posed by the “Daash” organization to the world and which trains citizens of various countries militarily and ideologically, including nationals of Member States in Collective Security Organization, where there is a great danger for their return to their homes.

The newspaper quoted about the Russian president`s saying: “The situation has become very serious after the imposition of the” Daash “control over the vast territories in Syria and Iraq, and it is now planning to transfer its activity to Europe, Russia and centre and  Southeast Asia,” the Russian president called during the summit to form a global coalition directed against “Daash” and illustrated  that the Syrian government forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and so-called the moderate Syrian opposition as well as the pivotal countries in the region should form the basis of this coalition.

Putin said “We support the Syrian government in the face of terrorist aggression. Currently we offer and we will give it in the future the necessary technical military aids as we call other countries to join it in this support.”

The newspaper pointed out that the rest of the leaders of the Member States of the Collective Security Treaty Organization supported the position taken by the Russian President of the Syrian issue.

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