Commander of US forces in the Middle East emphasizes failure of their training of mercenaries who are nominated by his country as “moderate dissentients

The commander of US forces in the Middle East, General “Lloyd Austin” Confirmed the failure of military training operations carried out by the United States for what it nominates  them as “moderate opponents.”

Austin revealed in front of the Armed Services Committee in Congress that the United States trained and equipped “4” or “5” Syrian dissidents only, they are currently fighting “Daash” on the earth, this  summoned a response from the Republican Senator, “Kelly Aiot,” saying “it’s certainly a joke,” For his part, the Republican senator “Jeff Sacins” described  the affair that  it is as a complete failure.

The statements of commander of US forces in the Middle East, Gen. “Lloyd Austin” Come contradictory fully with what announced by Deputy of  US Secretary of Defense “Christine Warmot”, who said that the United States is currently training about 100 fighters of what it called them” the Syrian moderate opposition”  .

“Warmot” said, during the hearing sessions In a special committee Senate  , we have a special program of training and we trained (100) fighters” according it until 15 / September, as we have reserve components.”

American contradictions did not end at this point, in the previous time,  the retired general “John Allen”, Coordinator of Operations against “Daash” organization said that the United States plans to train 15 thousand fighters of the Syrian opposition.

Source (( alalam channel )) .

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