Turkish Research Foundation talks about the retreat of popular of Justice and Development Party to 39%

The president of “Ksega” company of Social and Political Researches, “Murad Ksega” announced  today about the retreat of popularity of the AKP by a large percentage after the announcement of poll results conducted by his company recently on the Turkish legislative elections scheduled in the first of next November .

The newspaper “Gmehoriet” quoted about Ksega`s saying that “the escalation of violence and the spread of chaos in the recent period in Turkey led to the retreat of the popularity of the Justice and Development Party to 39 percent, pointing out that 68.6 of Turkish voters upload Chairman of Turkish regime Recep Erdogan and his party responsible of the events taking place in Turkey.

Ksega pointed out that the results of the survey showed a high percentage of votes of the Republican People’s Party to 28 percent expecting to rise to more than 30 percent compared to the low percentage of votes of the AKP to 35percent.

Source (( site of Ugarit )).

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