Russia’s representative to the United Nations says that the United States changed its stance from the Syrian leadership.

Russia’s representative to the United Nations, “Vitaly Churkin,” said that the United States has changed its attitude from the Syrian president.

Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, “Churkin” considered that the United States was forced to change its attitude toward “disqualification” of Syrian President  Bashar al-Assad because of the exacerbate of the terrorist danger, according to a report by the agency of Russian “Sputnik”.

The ambassador, Churkin said In a statement to the US television station “CBS”  that he believes that “the United States does not want the fall of the Syrian government, on the one hand and on the other hand, they “do not want (the United States) to be a fight to “Daash” for the Syrian government.

And the Russian ambassador to the United Nations monitored a”significant progress” towards the realization of the United States to the seriousness of the situation in Syria, pointing out that “it is clear that the fall of the Syrian government and the seizure of the” Islamic State “(Daash) to Damascus and download the responsible to the United States is a matter of concern to the US government now.

  • Source (( Sputnik site )).

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