Washington recognizes that there is no military solution to the crisis in Syria.

The United States has announced that there is no military solution in Syria, as the President Barack Obama administration is willing with the cooperation with Russia to deal the unrests in the region.

The spokesperson for the White House, “Josh Ernest” welcomed what he described as an integral and coordinated and building Russian support to support the US alliance against “Daash” group in Syria and Iraq.

Ernest added that the United States “remains open to tactical and pragmatic discussions with the Russians in order to strengthen the goals of alliance against ” Daash “organization and  to ensure the safety of  the coalition operations.

In the same context, a spokesman for the US Department of State, “John Kirby,” said that Washington is studying the Russian proposal to conduct military discussions on the Syrian crisis and to fight “Daash organization .

The US Secretary of State John Kerry has said, that Russia has proposed to conduct military discussions between the two sides, pointing out that the White House and Department of State and the Pentagon are discussing ways to pay it.

  • Source (( Sputnik site )).

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