Russian foreign minister says that the idea of resolving all issues of Syria across the overthrow of its leadership is just an illusion and impossible to achieve it

Russian Foreign Minister “Sergei Lavrov said, “that the idea of ​​resolving all issues of Syria across the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad is just an illusion and impossible to achieve it.

In a press statement made by him after his meeting with his Turkish counterpart “Sinarla Oglu” in Sochi, Lavrov stressed on the need that counter- terrorism not  shift  into a tread on the laws, also insisted that there are no reasons for refusing the cooperation with the Syrian government in this area, and Lavrov said “All operations against terrorism must be conducted exclusively on the basis of the provisions of international law and the international Security Council and the Member States in the United Nations requiring to work in a way to ensure not to shift counter- terrorism to the violation of laws. “

He considered that the international coalition concerned counter- terrorism led by the United States depends on the incorrect base, stressing on inadmissibility the fight of evil in illegal ways, and stressed that the methods that the coalition relies upon led by Washington are illegal, the minister explained  saying “There are no  reasons justify  the evasion of cooperation with the Syrian leadership which faces the terrorist threat, saying that the Syrian president is the supreme commander of the ground force that is the most effective and faces the terrorism on the ground. “

He added “Our partners stand in front of two choices, either to continue in insistence that there is no way  to save the region from terrorism except the departure of President Assad, or initiate to cooperate with those who really care about preventing the disintegration of this region, and I think that everyone is aware that the first option is only illusion cannot be achieved. “

  • Source (( TV.RT )).

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