Zionist entity opens an air bridge to support aggression on the Al-Saud, Yemen

Local sources in the Asir region south-west of Saudi Arabia confirmed that the aircraft type (Boeing 747), a subsidiary of Israeli Air Force transporting weapons and missiles and equipment to Khamis Mushayt base in the Emirate of Asir to support the air forces of the Alliance of Saudi aggression against Yemen.

The sources confirmed that the Israeli entity has established an air bridge with the air base where they are supplied with ammunition and replenishing its stockpile of rockets.

On the other hand Yemeni military source declared that the army and people’s committees foiled the attack by Saudi Arabia with the participation of Israeli aggression directly to control the Bab al-Mandab.

The source of the Joint Command of the Army and People’s Committees have been monitoring Israeli direct participation in land, sea and air attack toward the Bab al-Mandab area and under the supervision of US direct this process.

According to reports of injury Apache aircraft participated in the bombing, witnesses said they they saw smoke billowing from the plane after it was confirmed the crash, and targeted the army and People’s Committees warships that have tried to advance towards Bab el Mandeb.

  • Source (( dampress ))

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