US -Russian Agreement on Making a Breakthrough in Syrian Situation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a press conference in New York at the end of talks with his US counterpart John Kerry that there would be channels of communication between the Russian and American military personnel about the air strikes in Syria. Lavrov stressed that the Russian air force is only targeting the sites of “ISIS” and other terrorist organizations in Syria.   

Lavrov added, “There is concern on the part of the American partners that the targets are not the targets that must be hit, and some say that there are evidence of that, but we have clearly clarified and explained this matter.” pointing out that the US Secretary of State and other members of the Security Council welcome the Russian steps and that there is no prior intentions of collision with the international coalition air force. Lavrov stated that there is a change in the US attitudes about the departure of President Bashar Al-Assad, pointing out that his stepping out of the political arena in these circumstances is unreal. Lavrov considered that this meeting with his US counterpart and the dialogue that took place between the presidents of both countries represents a good opportunity to formulate a good approach to the situation in Syria and in the region, indicating that communications with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, would continue, and that both sides are open to dialogue and communication with each other.   

On his side, “John Kerry” described his talks with the Russian Foreign Minister as fruitful, saying that the two sides discussed a number of topics including the possibility of holding an additional meeting with the participation of the military experts as soon as possible. He said, “We have agreed to hold a meeting with the participation of the military personnel as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of bringing a breakthrough in the situation in Syria.” According to Kerry, the Russian and American sides agreed on the need to find a solution to the conflict in order to avoid escalation between Moscow and Washington on the background of the latest developments in Syria, having the Russian bombardment processes started. 

  • Source ((TV))

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