Majority of Britons and about half of Americans support the Russian operation in Syria

Two US and British polls of views revealed that the Russian air military operation against the terrorism in Syria enjoys the support of a lot of citizens of the United States and Britain.

Where the majority in the United States conceive  that who controls on  the situation in Syria is the Russian President Vladimir Putin “likely” and not US President Barack Obama, according to a poll conducted by “Fox News ” television station.

This poll showed that 53 percent of participants  believe that Vladimir Putin is the one who controls on  the situation in Syria, not Barack Obama, and 70 percent believe that Obama does not have a plan to resolve the situation in Syria  as (46 percent) described work of  Russia in the region as “strong and good.”

In Britain (71) percent of participants in the poll  which conducted by the newspaper “Daily Express” and more than 27 thousand citizens participated in it responded  “yes” to the question “Do you support the Russian air operation in Syria.”?

 Source ((site of  Sputnik)) .

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