The Western media paves for the major shifts in the Syrian file

British newspaper The Guardian confirmed that Russian air strikes targeted the centers  of leadership, communications and stores of weapons and training centers used by terrorists of  Daash in Syria and the Guardian illustrated  that Russian military participation in Syria puts Moscow in the depth of the Syrian struggle against terrorism.

As the newspaper “The Washington Times” published in a report that “Russia has all opportunities to stop the Syrian conflict, while the United States is very busy in trying to criticize the actions of Moscow”.

The paper said: “At the time which Obama watches with concern along with European leaders the  Russian raids, Putin promotes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s position, which will allow him to change the situation and  put an end to this conflict and therefore the remaining Syrians will remain in Syria in their country.”

The newspaper said: “That Putin can put an end to the bloodshed in Syria on the basis of national interests of the people and this is greater than that absorbed by” the American master of the world  “,who  deplores and he is standing away because of  a fact that Russia has taken the task that he  is inability to end it  ” .

The recognition of Western media  to the effective of  Russian strikes in Syria paves to the major shifts in the track  of Syrian event, which began through  some of the statements that came from the European circles to confirm that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is part of a political solution and the  transitional stage  in Syria . The affair will facilitate to find resolving to the Syrian file through hold  of a new round from consultative forum of  Moscow or Geneva (3).

  • Source ( site of Sputnik ).                                                                                         

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