Daily Archives: Sunday November 1st, 2015

Two Suns Appear Simultaneously in a number of Cities around the World

A number of news satellite channel broadcasted that a strange astronomical phenomenon occurred in the sky of Canada, Japan and China for the first time; two suns clearly appeared in “a rare and strange phenomenon”. The occurrence was due to the convergence of Jupiter and the Earth, according to astronomers. “This phenomenon is very natural and it is due to ...

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” Foreign Policy” Magazine Says Putin Succeeded in Extending his Influence in the Middle East at the Expense of Obama

“Foreign Policy” magazine believed in a published article that Washington’s failure to respond to the Russian adventurer “Putin” has made its allies in the region unprecedentedly skeptical about the importance of the United States. The visit of the Saudi defense minister “Mohammed bin Salman” to “Sochi” resort for talks on Syria revealed that the balance of power in the Middle ...

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French Newspaper “Challenges” Says the West Lost its Impact on the Syrian File

French newspaper “Challenges” stressed that the US-led international coalition has lost the hand in the Syrian conflict since the beginning of the Russian air strikes and Moscow’s parade of navy and air forces.   The newspaper said, “The West confrontation of Moscow’s strategy in Syria has become impossible and is heading towards a dead end, and the West is now waiting ...

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