French Newspaper “Challenges” Says the West Lost its Impact on the Syrian File

French newspaper “Challenges” stressed that the US-led international coalition has lost the hand in the Syrian conflict since the beginning of the Russian air strikes and Moscow’s parade of navy and air forces.  

The newspaper said, “The West confrontation of Moscow’s strategy in Syria has become impossible and is heading towards a dead end, and the West is now waiting for the hopes of the failure of the Russian campaign in Syria to extend the hand of cooperation to Moscow to defeat terrorism in accordance with its political calculations.” The report added that Putin chose to be distant from the West and even challenge it on the Syrian theater through air superiority achieved in a short period of time of its war against ISIS.

“Thomas Chloe”, director of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) in Paris, says that the Pentagon admitted that the Russian Sukhoi aircraft hindered the coalition aircraft and bridged the gaps in front of them considering that (this is a strong and a very heavy political and strategic message addressed to the West and stressing the non-nuclear Russian deterrence force and its ability to strike at many scenes, in order for the existence of the US-led coalition aircraft to remain powerless in Syria. 

Many are the reasons behind the French turn, where the French public opinion went far beyond the approval of the air strikes in Syria to fight terrorism, and the Elysee finally realized that it was not originally practicing any policy in relation to the Syrian file, and the slogan of «human rights» whose banner Paris is carrying is no longer appropriate to justify its policy. The blind obedience to the wishes of the Gulf under the influence of the temptations of the massive armament contracts also  began groaning under the weight of the rapid changes in the region from the requirements of the nuclear deal with Iran, the American opening to the Russian vision to resolve the Syrian issue, to the advanced military involvement of Moscow in the war against ISIS.

  • Source ” Challenges French Newspaper‎ “

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