Two Suns Appear Simultaneously in a number of Cities around the World

A number of news satellite channel broadcasted that a strange astronomical phenomenon occurred in the sky of Canada, Japan and China for the first time; two suns clearly appeared in “a rare and strange phenomenon”. The occurrence was due to the convergence of Jupiter and the Earth, according to astronomers. “This phenomenon is very natural and it is due to the convergence of Jupiter and the Earth causing sunlight reflection on Jupiter, which gives people the illusion that there are two suns for the Earth,” the spokesman of the Astronomy Society said.

One of the astronomers added that this phenomenon occurs once every 139 years and it is called * taking place in every decade and half a decade. This phenomenon indicates a partial decline of the sun, he illustrated . 

This phenomenon was observed in other places around the world and in different times as in Saudi Arabia, China and Bangkok, according to media reports.

Users of social media websites circulated photos of the sunrise in the Moroccan city, Tangier, where  “a sun” appears near the original sun, listing the city as one of those cities which witnessed this phenomenon that is deemed “controversial” due to its association with some religious beliefs of some peoples.

  • Source: ((Egypt Now Channel))

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