” Foreign Policy” Magazine Says Putin Succeeded in Extending his Influence in the Middle East at the Expense of Obama

“Foreign Policy” magazine believed in a published article that Washington’s failure to respond to the Russian adventurer “Putin” has made its allies in the region unprecedentedly skeptical about the importance of the United States.

The visit of the Saudi defense minister “Mohammed bin Salman” to “Sochi” resort for talks on Syria revealed that the balance of power in the Middle East has changed in just a few weeks, and how the Russian president wants to be seen as a regional maker of kings away from the American President Barack Obama.

With the Russian aircraft bombardment of the armed opposition sites and with the unwillingness of the United States to face Damascus regime, Moscow has militarily and diplomatically snatched the initiative, and this means that high-level delegations from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states would knock Putin’s door instead of the Oval Office.

The visit of the Saudi defense minister has prompted speculations that Saudi Arabia has been looking for a possible agreement that would allow President Bashar al-Assad to stay in power for a longer period against the two sides’ escalation of the war against the Islamic state organization.

At the same time, former diplomats and foreigner observers wondered whether Washington released the hand of Riyadh to reach to Putin or whether Saudi Arabia decided to ignore Obama’s administration and work under their advantage.

Thus, Russia has turned the strategic scene in Syria and formed an unprecedented challenge for Obama’s administration, prompting its closest allies to conclude that Washington is looking forward to withdrawal from the region, and it is ready to accept the idea that the growing Russian and Iranian influence in the region will fill the void that it will leave.   

  • Source ((Alasr Magazine))

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