Signs of a significant split in the ranks of the Turkish Justice and Development Party

“Bulent Arnch” is  fourth of the most important founder of Justice and Development party of  Turkey after Erdogan and Abdullah Gul and Abdul Sener, and it seems that the doors of his release or get him out of the party have become open more than before, especially with the continued campaigns that target him  by the centers of power where is rumored that they are protected by  Erdogan, which means in practice that the targeting of Arnch  is Ordogana `s project trying to re-adjust things in the party which suffers from violent tremors increasing intensity with the approaching of  elections and the emergence of the probability of the fall from the judgment.

Arnch has admitted for the first time, during a television interview, that instructions were issued to besiege him and prevent him from  appearing in the media in the government stations and the stations belonging to his party, and although he did not name who issued those instructions but that is not difficult at all to understand that such a decision cannot be a made but by  Erdogan personally.

Arnch also attacked journalists belonging to «Justice and Development» violent terms , one of them is his  saying that  they «outnumber Esida in the commission of crimes» and violently criticized the restrictions on the press and the use of public sector institutions as a means to do so.

Soon, journalists of Justice Party and  the newspaper «Star» in particular have led counter-campaign, attacked Arnch. One of them said that Arnch deliberates before each elections launch of exciting statements to hit the popular of party, and accused him of contributing in the defeat suffered by the Justice Party in the last elections, in a clear indictment of treason  for him.

It is noteworthy that Abdullah Gul also suffers from a similar campaign targets him  in particular, and last violent criticisms were against him because he had contacted with the Secretary-General of the Democratic people’s Party “who is close to the Kurds,” Salah al-Din Dmartash consolatory by the bombing of Ankara, which targeted a festival set up by the party in conjunction with the parties and other forces allied with him.

  • Source (( Agency of Asia news )).                                                                                               

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