Caesars Meeting Results in Signing in Initials on the Beginning of New World System

Between astonishment and shock, and between political silence and media muteness, the world, accepting timidly, in dread or in fear, has watched Al-Assad’s, the lion of the Middle East, visit to the Caesar of Europe and their meeting at the Kremlin to draw up the policy of the new world which will change the map of international balance of the post (Kremlin meeting) era, and through which Syria has managed to break the unipolarity and bring back to the balance that has been lost since the breakdown of the Soviet Union later in 1989. The strategic dimension of this visit can be summarized in the following points:

1- Sending a strong message to all world countries that the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad is the legitimate president of the people through ballot boxes, and through his visit to Russia, he refuted all the sayings that Syria is living in political isolation.

2- It is wrong to think that the aim of the visit is discussing the military work and its developments on the ground rather the main axis according to the media is the victory era, reconstruction and the assured Syrian triumph.

3- The US’s direct clash with Russia, forcing the United States of America to change its policies somehow and rearrange its papers once again.

4- Breaking the ice about the Syrian relations with Europe with Russian intermediacy soon. The latest declarations talking about a coming meeting between Syria, Russia, France and Germany have not come out of nowhere.

5- The state of panic that inflicted the government of the criminal Erdogan represented in his call with President Putin to inquire about the results of President Al-Assad’s visit. Turkey has started to sink in the mud of chaos after terrorists escaped to its territories.

6- Unmasking the relation of House of Saud with takfiri terrorists as Saudi Arabia is looking for a safe passage for correct return in the Syrian files especially after it has sunk in the mud of Yemen and its involvement in the problem of the Sanctified House of Allah in Muna.

All these points herald a close political solution to the Syrian crisis after its crystallized in Moscow apart from drawing up the policy of the new world that is free of extremism and terrorism in the region.

  • Source Al-Hadath News.

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