The French oppose the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al – Assad

The results of the opinion polls conducted by the French newspaper “Le Figaro” showed that most of its  readers oppose the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The poll reported that 72 percent of the participations in the poll answered on the question : “Should the great powers insist on demanding with  the resignation of al-Assad” “no”, and 21 thousand  readers participated in this poll, which was conducted by the French newspaper “Le Figaro” .

Western countries insist on the need to step down the President al-Assad from his situation since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, but it is increasing in  the recent times the number of those who believe that it is not possible to reach a solution to the crisis without the participation of al-Assad in the process  of dispute settlement.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry had asserted earlier the  commitment  of the United States’ with the need of a smooth transition of power in Syria without calling for an immediate President Bashar al-Assad’s resignation

This comes as a overwhelming response on the Western countries, especially the French government, which insists on the confiscation of Syrian people’s right to  its self-determination through requiring Gulf and European governments need to abandon the Syrian president from  his office, but their attitudes began to change with the start of Russian strikes in Syria.

The statement of  Vienna has stressed on  the need to maintain the Syrian people to self-determination, while Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that the issue of the survival of the Syrian president in  the ruling determined  by the Syrian people alone.

  • Source : (( Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustour))

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