Commander in Chief of US and NATO forces in Europe Acknowledges their Intelligence Failure in Syria

Major General “Philip Bradley”, the commander in chief of US and NATO allied forces in Europe, acknowledged the failure of his country in tracking the Russian operation in Syria in advance. 

The American major general said during a press conference in response to a question about whether Washington already knew about Russia’s readiness to launch a military operation in Syria: “It turned out to me that we do not have enough potentials to monitor Russia, especially at the operational and tactical level, but at the strategic level we have monitored it closely during the past years. “

At the same time, the major general avoided answering accurately about the date on which the US intelligence learned about the Russian operation in Syria, considering that during the past (20) years, after the fall of the Berlin wall and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the United States tried to bring Russia to the family of Western world-approved norms and values, even after the events of 2008 when Russia invaded Georgia, there were attempts to take Russia as a partner. 

He justified that “when we were trying to take Russia as a partner when we were solving the problems in Afghanistan and Iraq, we were using a limited set of potentials in intelligence and monitoring (against Russia), while we were using them (further) in other regions of the world, where our troops were conducting the military operations.  

  • Source: (( Novosti News Agency )) .

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