All the energies of the West are not equal 10% of Russia’s capabilities in the management of the electronic warfare

Military sources in Washington and NATO confirm that Russia has reached  to huge capacities in the management of the electronic war and that all Western energies are not equal  10% of what it  has.

Gen. Bin Khuces the commander of the ground forces of NATO in Europe, he drew attention in an interview published by “Defense News” that Americans are ignorant of the actual capabilities of Russia in the fight of electronic warfare.

He added that the  capabilities of Russia army in this area are amazing, as it has in contrast to its US counterpart special formations concerned with the management of electronic warfare, and that the Russian formations able to disable the contact Networks of leaders of the operations and  the management of inimical forces.

Newspaper “New York Times” pointed out in a comment in this regard to the great anxiety of the Pentagon about the remarkable activity shown by Russian submarines and ships in the recent times, and it  wrote that what provokes the  apprehension of Washington in particular, the approach of these ships and submarines from the cables of  Internet and fiber contact  that connect the United States with  the world.

The paper drew attention to the announcement of  Washington recently about the launch of a special program aims to break this risk but it  noted that its implementation would take 12 years.

It quoted  about US intelligence and military sources its concerns about the possibility that Russia will cut these cables in the event of the escalation of tension or outbreak of  conflict between it and the West.

The sources of newspaper expressed about its concern  about such a scenario, pointing to its significant risk to the United States and the West because the cut of the  Internet and the  connections will be reflected on the performance of governments , business and ordinary citizens.

  • Source (( TV. RT )).

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