Wahhabi Gangs of “Zahran Aloush” detain the Syrians cages as shields and rush to their holes in

The “Agency of France-Press reported that” the so-called “Army of Islam” used dozens of detainees  as “human shields” by placed them in iron cages and distributed them  in the yards of  eastern Ghouta of Damascus and especially the city of Douma in order to prevent the flight of the bombing of the region, where they were using dozens of cages, in each of them “three to four people and sometimes seven,” and a video shows ,which Web sites deliberated it, at least three trucks carry large metal cages inside each of them about eight people, passing on a street surrounded it the destruction.

This move comes by “Zahran Aloush” in light of the extension of the Syrian and Russian air strikes on terrorist sites in Ghouta region east of Damascus, where sources within the Eastern Ghouta said that the Army of Islam surprised from the size of Russian strikes and the  specific targets and it began to evacuate known – the headquarters of the leading belonging to it in several areas in the eastern Ghouta especially in Douma and move to shelters exist underground , it has constructed them after  it dominated on the region, the sources said that ” Command  known headquarters as building of school in Douma, the group evacuated it for several days and kept the elements of  guard in it without any leading activity mentions.

Sources confirm that the “Army of Islam” in disarray case as a result of raids where a situation of panic prevails in the ranks of the armed men as well as the differences with the rest of the armed factions, especially the so-called Army of the Nation, which rotates between it and the Army of Islam  a campaign of reciprocal qualifiers and assassinations in the light of contention for influence and the presence of the nation’s army in areas subject to reconciliation and cease-fire with the Syrian army.

Source (( Center Ugarit for Studies )) .

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