Pentagon is fuming of Russia against background of its policy toward Syria and Ukraine

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter revealed about  the continuation of his country in the recruitment of “investment” in order to serve the development of technology and the means of respond and authorize the United States to face the threat of the use of Russia the nuclear weapon against it where he said: “We continue the exploitation in the  appropriate technologies to repel  the Russian provocations, and we are working on the development of aviation systems without  pilot and the new strategic bombers, in addition to technological innovations like Rilgaan techniques for the launch of the electromagnetic, and the new electronic warfare systems, as we are working on employment in the development of space technology and informational space.

Carter added: “We do not look forward to a hot or cold war with Russia, nor seek to make it our enemy, but the Russians should not rejoice, since the United States will defend about its interests and allies, and the principles of international law and a prosperous future for all.”

On this occasion, the US secretary of  defense heaped on Russia by measure of the acclaimed criticisms, a result of a set of its  practices  . In the  foremost , a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and the  threats which send them  to the Baltic countries, as “he claimed,” and “Carter”  went on in talking about the Syrian crisis where he accused Russia by pouring oil in fire of the dangerous civil war in Syria “as he  described”.

The US minister only did in the exaggeration of the risk of Russia on his country, but also pointed to Chinese threat of another kind, as Beijing is working on  the development  of  its “ambitions “, and the promotion of its military capabilities, especially as it threatens the countries of Asia region and the Pacific  by using  the force to settle the  border disputes with it.

  •   Source  (( TV. RT )) 

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