Candidate for the US elections, “Rand Paul” says that his country had made a mistake with arming the extremists in Syria

Rand Paul,” the Republican candidate in the US elections in 2016  said that his country should not have been  arming the terrorist groups (Al Qaeda – Daash – Al-Nusra Front) in Syria, in response to a question about what America should do if it is proven that group of “Daash ” is Behind crash of Russian ” Matroyjat” plane in Sinai.

This came in an interview with the station  of (CNN) where he continued saying about the US response: “I do not think that there is one way to deal, I said long period ago that we should not arm extreme jihadist movements” in the world so we should not arm” Al-Qaeda “or” Daash “or” Al-Nusra Front “in Syria. ” Daash “in Syria owns US military cars worth of billion dollars and they also have billion dollars pay them  for the fighters, so we have made real mistakes in that region.”

He added saying: “I’m not an expert with explosives, and I do not have enough details .. but I already said that the real threat to our country comes from abroad and we have to beware of the internal air traffic, but more important thing is that I do not think that the international airports have a degree of security and safety that we have and we must beware of international flights, some of these risks are in the staff who are responsible for bags and luggages, we had some violations earlier in this side compared to those staff in the international airports that do not enjoy degrees of safety that  we have them .

Source (( Alalam Channel )).

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