New York Times Questions the Capabilities of So-Called “The Syrian Democratic Forces” of Fighting ISIS

“The Syrian Democratic Forces”, whose members include Kurds, Arabs and Christian Syriacs, announced that it had started its military operations against “the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” group (ISIS) in the territory that is under the group’s hegemony in the Syrian northeast.

New York Times Newspaper published within this context an investigation that questions the true capabilities of the so-called “the Syrian Democratic Forces” and its Arab composition, which includes between four and five thousand armed men. The Newspaper considered that almost all the combat capability of the forces comes from the Kurdish groups.

New York Times added that the name “The Arab Syrian Alliance” that means the Arab components in ” The Syrian Democratic Forces” is merely an American invention.

After the failure of its program to arm and train the Syrian opposition, the United States decided to go back to providing machinery and aerial support to some groups, especially in the north of Syria.

In this regard, it has dropped 50 tons of ammunition to the “Arab Syrian Alliance” who it presented as Arab groups fighting with Kurds to retrieve Syrian soil from “ISIS” along the Turkish borders.

  • Source (( BERUIT. PRESS )).

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