Washington Times says that “Daash” seeks to transfer its terrorists from Syria to Balkans

Washington Times” newspaper reported that the organization of “Daash” seeks to infiltrate into the region of Balkan and provoke a state of instability in the region.

The US newspaper quoted about diplomatic official his saying: “That the  intelligence services in Croatia spotted one of the leaders of the organization of Daash existing in Bosnia organizes  the ranks of a number of combat elements that had been returned to the region of Balkans after their accession to  Al-Nusra Front or Daash in Syria.”

The official, who declined to be named, added : “That the  intelligence services spotted  the leader in Daash  in the  region of Balkans in the time which is currently monitoring the elements that returned to  Balkans.”

The millions of Muslims live in the region of  Balkan since ancient times, but the media reports are talking about the  attempts of terrorist organizations to penetrate  among their ranks in that area also. Does the region of Balkans become the next target for the organization of “Islamic state”?

Where the organization of  “Daash” claims in its propaganda directed to  the region of Balkans “that the history of Muslims in this region during the last hundred years was a phrase about chronological sequence for acts of repression against Muslims “, and therefore jihad is the way to struggle against the communists and the Crusaders or the Jews, “as it described,” This and one of the videos of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia calls to kill  the “infidel neighbors.”

Where it  addressed them saying: ” put  the explosives under their cars and poison in their food and let them die!” This is advocated by a youth in the  Bosnian language. The titles were launched  in the video on  the terrorists “in reference to their origin,” such as the Bosnian and Albanian or Kosovo.

  • Source (( site of Ugarit for Studies ))

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