Thierry Meyssan says There Won’t be a Transitional Process in Syria

Russia and the United States have taken a decision to curb the fighting countries in Syria, which are France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Having known that the French hostile position toward Syria is not based on realistic interests as much as it is based on colonial delusions and government corruption caused by the Turkish and Saudi money, we would be able to realize why the White House and the Kremlin decided to fix the root of the problem, namely “Turkey and Saudi Arabia”.

On last October 23, prime ministers “John Kerry” and “Sergey Lavrov” received their Turkish and Saudi counterparts in the Austrian capital, Vienna. Nothing was reported out of that meeting, but there are suggestions that Russia has made explicit threats to each, and the United States has not defended them.

Fearing the possibility of a Russian-American agreement against Turkey and Saudi Arabia, France quickly held a “business dinner” banquet in Paris rather than a “diplomatic summit” including Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Italy, Jordan, Qatar, Britain, Turkey and the United States, who “discussed” without “deciding” about Syria in that meeting, which corresponds in the size with the “main Friends of Syria” group, except for Egypt who secretly joined the Syrian side.

On October 30, Russia and the United States formed a wider gathering, which included all the participants of the two previous meetings in addition to Egypt, China, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman, European Union and the United Nations. All the participants were asked to sign a final statement which points out in its eighth item that the “political process” not the “transitional process” will be led by the Syrians, is owned by the Syrians, and that the Syrian people are the ones to decide the future of Syria. But this heavy formulation renders ineffective Jeffrey Feltman’s document that constitutes the goal essence of the war waged by the falcons of the United States, the Turks, the French and the Saudis for more than three years, that is: the complete and unconditional surrender of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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