The New Yorker Calls for Obama’s Administration not to Interfere in the Syrian Affair

“The New Yorker” newspaper said that the United States is interested in the Arab Gulf to secure its interests and to insure oil flow from the Gulf States, but based on facts, Egypt and Syria have no oil. However, Washington interferes heavily in their affairs, as that the US is linked by vital interests with Egypt, unlike with Syria. On the contrary, Washington insists on interfering in its affairs, pointing out that the US administration must not interfere in the Syrian business. 

On his part, “Jeremy Shapiro,” a former member of the Department of Political Planning in the US State Department said that Syria and the events it has been witnessing recently are not important to the US administration, stressing that it is necessary to comprehend that. He added, “I think one of the things acknowledged by President Obama is that we have interests in the Middle East, and we have to engage in what is going on there,  but we have to be smart in achieving it, and we have to recognize the limitations of our capabilities in the Middle East and the limitation of things that we want in this region; Syria is not important to the US”.

The former US official continued, “It is popular in Washington and other capitals to say that the foreign policy of the US is weak these days,” adding that sending American troops to fight insignificant battles to the United States in distant countries is not the source from which power comes. The idea that the US has drawn forces in the Middle East over the past few years does not seem good. In my view, seeing the US power is not built by military adventures but through knowing your true interests and harnessing the resources for it”.

  • Source (( Al-Badeel Website ))

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