Wahhabis’ Agents and Homeland Traitors are Spies in Service of the Israeli Mossad

Militants’ relation with the “Israeli” enemy has not been limited to visits or the participation in “Hartsilia” conferences, neither to being the first to congratulate on Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election, or to the latter visiting the injured of “Al-Nusra Front” and The “Free Syrian Army” at Safad’s hospitals, nor to the Israeli air raids backing the militants in many critical places and points. Furthermore, it is a relation that exceeds agency to be an impudent trading with the homeland and the lives of its people. The Syrian oppositionists’ agency for the Mossad has no boundaries; it surpasses the Syrian land to reach Lebanon, according to the Lebanese Public Security who detected a spying network that works for Zionist enemy in Sidon. It was found to be one of the most dangerous and powerful spying networks to be apprehended in the past years. Data shows that the arrested network consists of a Syrian oppositionist, his Lebanese wife and another Lebanese person. Information also reveals that the spearhead of the group is called “Ramiz Najeeb Al-Sayyed” from Aleppo, recently living in Tartus city. The network was working on a wide range of objectives, including the Head of the Public Security Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, who seems to be “disturbing” the Zionists after becoming a pioneer in fighting the takfiri groups and Zionism networks.

The retired Brigadier General “Ameen Hetet” sees that the Israeli spying networks are based on two factors today. The first is the usual direct mobilization, and the second is the “Syrian opposition networks”, which engage in the Zionist-American project. “Hetet” explains the inherent risk in the new face of the “Israeli” spying networks disguised as Syrian opposition, pointing out that the title “opposition” they are working under makes some embrace them in Lebanon, and the networks in turn take advantage to work at peace and flexibility in favor of the enemy.

  • Source ((Al-Hadath News Website))

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