Russian Air Force Commander-in-Chief Says His Forces Foiled Pentagon Plans against Syria

Komsomolskaya Bravda Newspaper made an interview with Admiral Victor Bondariv, the commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force, in which he said that Russia considered all the possible dangers of its military operations in Syria.

Therefore, Russia did not only send fighters, RPGs, aircraft to back the ground troops and helicopters, but also sent anti-ballistic missile suites to prevent any critical situations such as aircraft hijacking in a country adjacent to Syria.

Answering a question about the decision of using aircraft and helicopters in Syria, Admiral Bondariv said that aircraft is the only effective way to resist the “Islamic State” agents who are known to have an extraordinary ability in maneuvering, camouflaging and using all means of transportation, including cars, bicycles and even donkeys.

Bondariv also said that the emergence of Russian aircraft in the Syrian space completely altered the balance of powers in this strategic region and foiled the pentagon plans against it. Replying to a question about the existence of a mutual coordination center for the air operations, he said, “Yes, there is a Russian General who is doing this coordination.” He added that all these rumors about downing Russian aircraft in the Syrian space are mere fake news.

He continued, “Rumors have spread claiming that our pilots are facing a shortage in missiles, and that one of our factories is working night and day to compensate for this shortage. All these rumors are aspersions. I have not yet received any report from the heads of the missile manufacturing companies about this matter.” He also said evaluating the efficiency of those missiles, “They proved highly efficient, and no complaint has been made about them from the people who used them.”

  • Source (( RIA NOVOSTI )) agency .

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