Entity of Israeli occupation begins stealing the oil of the occupied Syrian Golan

Israeli entity began oil exploration works in three locations inside the occupied Syrian Golan surpassing the international laws that consider this type of assaults “war crimes”, as confirmed by activists of  human rights.

In three locations inside the occupied Syrian Golan ,”OPEC” Company  of oil and gas in the Israeli entity began oil exploration works according  to the licenses  which obtained  on them in advance from the occupation forces,  the cupidities of  Israeli occupation of this region never stop, where this step indicates to  more of a question mark about its timing, especially it  comes at a time of preoccupation of Syrian state with the  imposed war  on it.

The looting and exploitation of the wealth of the Golan Heights, according to analysts form a violation of international laws and norms  and Fourth Geneva Convention on the occupied territories which international law characterization of it could reach as it is  a “war crime”.

Residents of the Golan Heights believe that the absence of international justice and the policy of double standards are from the things that encouraged the Israeli entity on the plunder of wealth from above the ground and in its interior without supervision or control in this occupied territory, where  the media sources indicate that oil exploration sites in the Golan contain billions of oil barrels and provide 170 thousand barrels per day for a very long period.

Thus, the Israeli entity is not only did to support the  armed groups But exceeded to steal the Syrian oil in the occupied Syrian Golan, violation of international law and hitting the wall with all Security Council resolutions.

  • Source (( Alalam channel )) .  

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