Terrorists in Syria Used Toxic Mustard Gas, OPCW Confirms

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has confirmed that experts in chemical weapons concluded that mustard gas had been used in battles among groups of the armed oppositionists in August.

Sources in “France Press” agency stated that the gas was used in Mareh city in Aleppo (north of Syria) on the 21st of August, and this is the first confirmation of using this toxic gas during the Syrian crisis.

Diplomatic sources stated as well that “ISIS” had used mustard gas during a battle with another armed group, and the report concluded that two people as least were exposed to it, speculating that it caused the death of a newborn.

Activists and medical nongovernmental organizations confirmed in late August that a chemical weapon attack had injured dozens of people in this city. Doctors Without Borders Organization also confirmed it had treated 4 civilians from a single family. The patients who were treated in a hospital belonging to Doctors Without Borders Organization in Aleppo said that a mortar bomb had hit their house and that “after the explosion, a yellow gas filled the living room”.

According to activists in the place at the time, the terrorist group “ISIS” launched more than 50 mortar bombs on the city that day.

It worth mentioning that toxic mustard gas was first used by Germans in Belgium in 1917, and its usage was prohibited by the UN in 1993.

  • Source (( Alalam Channel )).

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