Der Spiegel” quotes about a top US general that his country’s invasion of Iraq is the cause in showing Daash”

The newspaper “Der Spiegel” of German said, that a large US general, admitted that the US invasion of Iraq is the cause  in showing organization  of “Daash”.

Gen. “Michael Flynn,” the commander of US intelligence operations during the Iraq war, said: “This was a fatal mistake, whatever  Saddam Hussein was harsh,  the elimination on him  was not true, and the same for Gaddafi in Libya, which today has become a failed state.”

Flynn explained that the United States has always sought to eliminate on  the head, relying on that  his successor will be weaker, but that was not true, as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, “the most subtle and dangerous”, has became  instead of Osama bin Laden and al-Zarqawi, who raised the level of the regional crisis to the  level of  global sectarian war.

Flynn” also admitted that the United States made a mistake when it arrested and then freed al-Baghdadi, in 2004, where he says: “We were very stupid, because we did not understand with who  we deal .

He said that it is impossible to eliminate on  “Daash” through air strikes only, as it requires launching  a ground operation, as well as the need for constructive cooperation with Russia.

He pointed out that there  is “in every European country cell belonging to Daash particular, it  is likely to be the same thing in the United States, but we still can not find it ” .

  • Source (( newspaper Al-marsad )) .

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