ISIS digs its own grave and the west changes its strategy towards Syria

The former Britain’s ambassador to Russia Tony Brenton said in an interview with “Daily Express” that ISIS shot itself, and therefore it is inching towrds self-destruction.

Brenton confirmed that ISIS militants are leading Russia and the West to rapprochement, pointing out that the series of terrorist attacks that hit various parts of the world returned to the minds of Russia and the West is the presence of a real enemy.

Brenton considered that the West is changing its strategy toward rapprochement with Russia on the settlement in Syria, saying, “Our position at first was that we will not talk until after the departure of Al-Assad, but now it is that we must talk but ultimately Al-Assad will leave.”

The Former ambassador added that the joint Russian-British war against the terrorists may constitute an indication of the decline in tensions between the two countries, stressing: “The ice in  the relations began to melt, and I would like this process to continue within the following months despite the extension of Western sanctions imposed on Russia.”

  • Source (( RIA NOVOSIT )).

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