New York Times: Russia has made great strides in the development of its armed forces

” New York Times” pointed out that the Federation Russian has been able in recent years to strengthen its military capabilities and to develop and modernize its armed forces at an unprecedented pace.

The newspaper wrote in an article that “Russia could to strengthen its military capabilities and demonstrated its presence on the international arena Lively have not experienced ever seen since the Cold War, which increase tension in relations between Moscow and the West

The newspaper highlighted that the Federation Russian has doubled within the past years, military spending, and offset the financial shortfall which Military Industrialization Complex suffered from it former, and it Intensify on the conduct of large-scale military maneuvers by participation of thousands of soldiers and officers “in order to serve the training of military personnel and review of its strength before the world”.

the “New York Times” refer to consider energies which Russia put to development of its armed forces, wrote in this regard says: “Russia continues to renew and develop its military equipment, and aims to reach by new weapons to the army to 70 percent in the year / 2020 /. She concluded by saying: “Russia is in the process of compensation for what it has done by continuing to reduce the technological gap with the West.”

For his part, in his comment on an article of American newspaper, The Deputy Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin expressed his satisfaction about the adoption of the West finally the ability of Russia and military power, and he Considered on his account in the “Twitter” that what is reported by the “New York Times” came “balm for the soul” and delights Breasts..

  • Source ((TV.RT)).

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