Turkish intelligence and its aggressive role with supporting the terrorists in Syria

The chief of Editor  of “Gmehoriet” newspaper  of Turkey who is arrested because of an  article revealed a political scandal confirmed the involvement of the Turkish intelligence in shipping weapons to Syria said that these shipments are not a mystery of  Turkey, but Recep Tayyip Erdogan`s mystery.

In an article for the newspaper  of “The Guardian”, Jean Dundar insisted on the validity of the information that  published them on the trucks of  Turkish intelligence that transported weapons and ammunition to Syrian Islamic opponents and  Dundar “as a journalist said, it is my duty to show this reality for people, these trucks are not the secret of the Turkish state, but President Recep Tayyip Erdogan`s secret, we are  opposing this and trying to help the state to evolve to be more visible and transparent. “

Dundar also spoke about the details  of  process that have in  the early 2014 where he said that  a truck was stopped on the Syrian borders and found  that it belonged to the Turkish intelligence service and the members of the military Police  and intelligence officers on the board  of truck took up arms to each other .  Dundar said a truck was inspected to be later found on  weapons and ammunition at the bottom of boxes of medicines that have been used as a tool for camouflage, and the truck waited a little but  it was allowed  to cross into Syria after the intervention of government officials, and  he added that the Turkish government ordered immediately  to  dismiss the officer and the prosecutor who stopped the truck and arrest them  , and it  announced that the truck was carrying humanitarian aid, to close the file immediately, this caused  in the emergence of information that Erdogan’s government is involved in the war in Syria.

The mentioned incident put Erdogan in an embarrassing position, but  he did not belie it , but instead of it  he  chose to prohibit  its dissemination and threaten Dundar, where he said in a television channel “The responsible person for the dissemination of this news will pay a heavy price.” Then  the Turkish president added that these images are  the secrets   of state and publishing  them  are  spying.

Dundar said: “In the end I was arrested on last November 25 with a representative of the newspaper in Ankara,” Erdem Gul,  who”published  the news titled” Yes ,there were weapons in the trucks of  Turkish intelligence service. “

  • Source (( site of the seventh day )).

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