United States fail in occupancy of China to remove it from Syria

The Southern China Sea represents for People Republic of China important regional flat  on the two military and economic levels, in view of the contents of the wealth and strategic waterways, especially that most of  Chinese  trade commutation  with the outside world passes through this sea, and the Southern China Sea  and the raging crisis for years between China and other countries around it consider the main reason for the lack of development of military relations between China and Syria to  the largest levels, the United States take of this file strategic tool to prevent China from spread its influence in the Middle East, and to preoccupy it  permanently with  details of this crisis, so they were eager to continuing escalation of military tension in the region where The United States are strengthening the military ties with countries of Southeast Asian in general, and especially Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam to form what looks like a “military front” stop incursions of  Chinese influence in this region.

Despite the clear American success in this crisis against China, but the latter did not leave the Middle East and the  relations continued between China and Syria since the eighties of the last century until now, China has supplied the Syrian army in quantities of ammunitions and weapons, most recently appeared for the first time in the battles in Syria such as system of  Chinese-made wireless communications “TS-504”  and offensive rifle “CQ-5.56” and thrower of  grenades “Type87” and coastal defense missiles. “C-802”.

It is true that the United States are  continuing  even now in engaging China with file of  Southern China Sea to keep it  out of the equation of power balances in the Middle East, but the latter is still supporting Syria and Russia politically in their positions from the war on terrorism and the indicators are still denoting  on  China’s willingness to participate in  the war on terrorism effectively  .

  • Source (( DNN network of news )) .  

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