Foreign Policy : Russia made the American influence declines in the Middle East

There are several reasons make  the Middle East do not occupy the same historical importance to Washington now, so US magazine of  “Foreign Policy” considered in its report prepared by “Aaron David Mellir” the  US prominent writer and  analyst in the affairs of  Middle East, on the  recession of influence of the United States in the region.

The magazine found that the importance of the Middle East with the US administration began to retreat  , and that the traditional reasons for the involvement of Washington and its intervention in the region have changed, where the most important justifications in the past were  relying on the  containment of Russian influence especially during the period of the Cold War (the case of conflict between the United States and the former Soviet Union and allies all of them since the mid-forties of the last century until the early of its nineties) and the dangerous reliance  on Arab oil and the protection of the security of Israel.

And Foreign Policy noted to the demise of these reasons now, which led to the neutralization of Washington’s role in the Middle East and  suggested the decline of  its influence in the future and  the report stressed  on the demise of the idea of ​​ cold war completely, citing on that  a non-escalation of  the Russian President Vladimir Putin with Washington, and that the last Putin’s agreement with the United States regarding the removal of Syrian chemical weapons reveals the possibility of Putin’s cooperation also and  not just the competition for influence, and referred to Russia’s role in the negotiations with Iran on the nuclear file for its unwillingness (it means  Moscow) in Israeli or American military interference  in another country ally for it .

The American analyst added in his report that no one in Washington wants to play America the role of ” the  regenerative policeman ” in the world, and said that although the US army support for the  Options of  president of the country regarding  the intervention in order to change the situations in the Middle East, for reasons relating to the security of the United States, but he cited the last react of the Congress on the potential strike, which Barack Obama  was wanting  to direct it  to Syria.

Source (( Arabian. Egypt )).

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