Syrian city “Manbej” turn to mini “London” because of the large British terrorists in it

the “Sunday Telegraph” Published report to Josie Ensor and Magdy Samaan and stating that “the Syrian city of Manbej did not have any factors in the past to attract foreign tourists to it, as it were possess only a post office and a prison and 4 mills”.

And today it has become Forum to foreign fighters joined to the ranks of the organization Daash from all over the world, according to the report.

The report notes that the majority of the fighters are from the British capital London. Some have even called Manbej name ” mini London “, and away Manbej is about half an hour from the Turkish border.

and One of the city’s residents said for “Sunday Telegraph” that “about 100 British is living in Manbej, and 700 of the fighters in it arrived Syria at the beginning of 2011,” adding that they were “the worst in dealing with the citizens of the city”.

The report pointed out that “the organization Daash fighters in Manbej is belonging to 30 different nationalities,” adding that “the British make up the highest percentage among the fighters in Manbej followed by the Germans and then the French and the Algerians and Saudis”.

  • Source (( Beirut . Press )).

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