The Independent is calling to unite in Syria to stop “Daash” backed by Western and intelligence forces

The British newspaper of “The Independent” published a report on the Arab Spring, which Tunisia is experiencing memory of the Jasmine Revolution which overthrew the President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, noting that five years after the Arab Spring, the region has not seen any boom in democracy or justice or tolerance, as opposed to what Many were expecting.

The British newspaper added in its report, that the region from Morocco to Oman became a toxic mix of tyranny, and tripping in the liberation and became the models for failed states and out broke in it   the civil wars and religious conflicts.

It pointed out that the “Arab Spring failure” can be felt more than ever before, pointing to the brutal war in Syria and what resulting from  losses for the human beings and stones.

The paper talked for the brutal repression witnessed by many of the Gulf states and the exploitation of workers and the poor treatment of minorities, pointing out what is happening in the UAE from poor horrible treatment for incoming labor to it  and especially within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and  the secret prisons and torture for those  oppose the government, and perhaps  it is  the hallmark of these countries.

It continued, if  the governments subject to accountability and recognition of diversity and tolerance ,all of them are things do not exist in the Arab World as its saying  – stressing the need to join hands in Syria in order to stop the rebellion  of regulation  of state “Daash” encouraged by Western  and intelligence forces, also it  stressed the need for existence of  diplomatic efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but in Libya and Egypt the efforts must combine towards a stable government .   

  • Source (( site of the news center )).

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