The Western audience consider Merkel , Obama and Erdogan the most falsely between the leaders of the world

The German print ” Alles Schall” decided to execute  an unusual vote under title the main liar for this year  to summarize and reveal  about the politicians who are the  most falsely  in the world for the year 2015.

 The participants chose in this vote their preferable people  in lying from a list containing dozens of politicians and  leaders in the world, whom the  readers considered less honest and their words do not call for confidence.

More than 3 thousand people from 40 countries around the world participated in this vote, and the result of the vote was for «the main liar for this year» that the German Chancellor “Angela Merkel” won the title by a wide margin by voices reached  to 39% of the voters.

While the US President “Barack Obama  followed her,” then the Turkish president, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan,” who won the second and third places respectively by 21% of  votes for Obama and 18% for Erdogan.

Source (( Day . Press )).

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