“Global Research”: US Supports ISIS Coveting Syria’s Location and Oil Resources

“Global Research” website stated that the protracted conflicts in Syria have made the Western Asia region a fertile ground for the rise of extremists who exercise their brutality in the name of the Islamic faith, and the outbreak of a cold war between the two major forces which entered the conflict, adding that there are many invisible hands that are exploiting the Syrian conflict as a means to achieve their goals. The website confirms that the Syrian war is the largest humanitarian tragedy in the twenty-first century, and it is the cause of the escalating fear of Islamophobia in the West, noting that all the above is linked to a major strategy, which is seeking to dominate the world through the exercise of power and dominant influence.

The Canadian website draws the attention to the fact that the terrorist organization of ISIS has risen to become the new face of terrorism in the modern world by stealing the show from al-Qaida and other terrorist groups. It has also established an advanced media network, training camps and administrative structures.

The research website sees that the real challenge for ISIS in Syria is not the United States, but Russia’s air strikes against it, and the Syrian army’s reclamation of large parts of Homs, Lattakia and Aleppo has led to the Iraqi government’s sense of the credibility of Russia in the fight against terrorism more than the United States, which caused both Turkey and the West, the main backers of the terrorist organization, to be troubled, adding that the battle lines in Syria have become clear, and that the arena is now witnessing a new confrontation between the United States and Russia.

The website attributed the presence of the United States and its support of ISIS in Syria to its desire to control the Syrian oil, in addition to it being the only region in the world which is a meeting point between three continents and one of the world’s most important and vibrant waterways, pointing out that the prime importance is to protect Israel, and to face any Russian military bases in the region, in addition to facing Iran as to control the region for a longer period.

  • Source ((Albadeel Website))

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