US Terrorism Expert “Charles Lester” Warns against the Risk of Al-Nusra Front in Syria

US terrorism expert “Charles Lester” considers that Al-Nusra Front, which is a subordinate to Al-Qaida is more dangerous than ISIS.

In an interview with the German website Spiegel Online, Lester warned that the rebel groups in Syria will work to abort the peace process settling to keep President Al-Assad in power.

Asked why he believes that the biggest problem lies in Al-Nusra Front, Lester said that the risk of ISIS that threatens the West has become understood and recognizable by everyone, while Al-Nusra Front merged itself successfully within the Syrian opposition and within the revolution for a long time, and thus has become an active player in the situation, which roots will be difficult to eradicate from Syria even more than ISIS.

Lester also said that ISIS is working to impose its will on the people, while Al-Nusra incorporated itself during the past five years in the popular movement and shared governance in villages and cities and has donated to the people more than forcing them to do things that it wants as practiced by ISIS, which gave it more power.

The US expert concluded, “The reason I called ISIS an easy premonition is that no one in the West knows what could be done about the danger of Al-Nusra Front, for at sometime in the past the organization planned to launch attacks in the West, but then it did not go for external invasion, rather it wanted to establish Islamic caliphates in Syria. Al-Nusra Front is a subordinate of Al-Qaida which aims to destroy the West and not to establish an Islamic State and then gradually expand just as ISIS did before.

  • Source (( Arabi.Press )).

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